Esterita Austin


Lectures:    1 hour 

Classic Rock

Join Esterita for a humorous look at her journey from her beginning art experiences to the present.  This power point/trunk show zips along as it illustrates how she grew the seed of a concept into bold design themes. The focus is on the power of value over color in constructing dramatic compositions.  With her generously dispensed tips you’ll be inspired to run back to your stash and fuse your own thread of an idea into a WOW composition.

Inspirational Journeys

There are places that, and people who inspire creativity, sometimes in the most unlikely of locales. An old car may look like a heap of rusted metal, but on a closer look there may be; textures, shapes and colors that may be for the inspiration to create art. The world around us is our muse and with a camera phone always at hand we can find that inspiration just by looking through a camera lens as our third eye. 

Photograph ~ Compose ~ Create

With this presentation you will be guided through the process of finding and photographing images to effectively interpreting them in exciting fiber pieces for dynamic visual compositions.  Techniques will be covered.

Realism to Abstraction

Esterita takes you on a guided tour that starts from artistically taking a photograph through the exploration of a series of exercises that takes the photographic image from the real to the abstract. 


The human face has been a source of inspiration to artists for centuries.  Let Esterita take you on a journey that begins with how to take an expressive photograph discussing: lighting, angles and settings- through interpreting the image in fabric. She will cover her technique step by step and show how, by adding textile paint, one can achieve greater depth and dimension to a finish a POWerful portrait in fabric.


The content of the workshops and lecture can be adapted within reason to suit particular guild or organizations needs.
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