Esterita Austin





Between Esterita Austin and _______________________________________________________.


Esterita Austin will provide descriptions of all available workshops.

Each class is designed for 20 (max.) students provided workspace is available.



Please send a $200 deposit with return of contract, thank you.



The following presentation has been agreed upon as described below: 


Workshop #1: __________________________________________ Fee: ___________________

Day(s): ___________________ Date(s): ______________________ Time: __________________

Workshop #2: __________________________________________ Fee: ___________________

Day(s): ___________________ Date(s): ______________________ Time: __________________

Lecture: _______________________________________________ Fee: ___________________

Day(s): ___________________ Date(s): ______________________ Time: __________________


Location of workshop(s) – include address, phone number, email & Web site.




In Esterita’s workshops & lectures items may be available for sale to interested students. There will be no expectations to collect any commissions on these sales. Esterita will not promote these items during class, nor will she spend class time selling them, they are simply available for sale to interested students. All transactions will be concluded during breaks or after the workshops/lectures.Presentation/Lecture Needs


  • Two tables for display

  • Extension cord, screen large enough for participants in the back of the room to see clearly.

  • Table for projector and laptop

  • Microphone

  • Please let Esterita know if you have an LCD projector


Additional Information:



Brochures on workshops can be downloaded from the link on my Web site. Addition images and information may be used from my Web site for publicity. If addition material is require, please contact me. The program chairperson understands that she may not be the person doing airport pickups, preparing meals, and setting up the class and lecture rooms, therefore, the program chairperson agrees to pass on this letter of agreement to all of the group members, hostess, etc. in charge of these activities. Please have a vehicle large enough to carry a travel golf case, two large suitcases and a small case. If staying at a motel/hotel please check for cable or wireless accessibility for laptops.


Travel Arrangements:



  • Travel Expenses: All travel expenses will be paid for by the sponsoring organization(s). Expenses may include:



  • Fees/transportation and expenses to be paid due on date of completion of services.

  • Travel arrangements must be secured 90 days prior to the engagement. Travel arrangements will not be made by Esterita without a signed contract.

  • If air transportation is necessary, arrangements will be made to meet at the airport location with a vehicle large enough to handle three large suitcase.

  • In order to simplify accounting, a $45.00 per diem will be assessed for meals on days when they are not provide by your group.

  • It is my policy that I do not give a percentage of sales.

  • Hotel accommodation preferred. 




Cancellations may be made by either party prior to the purchase of a non-refundable airline ticket (if flying) and/or 90 days from the engagement or prior or any other expenses incurred by Esterita Austin. If a workshop is cancelled due to insufficient enrollment, Esterita must be notified before incurring any expenses and 30 days prior to the event. If the class is cancelled in the 90 days prior to the engagement  Esterita requires a $200. cancelation fee.  If notification is after the 30 day limit  20% of the contract fee will be required. If the sponsoring organization terminates the contact, or any part thereof, after the purchase of a non-refundable airline ticket, the organization will compensate Esterita Austin for the price of the ticket or pay the change penalty if the engagement is rescheduled. If a workshop is cancelled and coming to your group for fewer workshops or lectures than originally agreed upon in this contract, will cause economic hardship for Esterita Austin, she reserves the right to cancel the remainder of the contracted workshops and/or lectures. Both parties must agree upon the date, time and location of the scheduled events. Due to new airline regulations when traveling by air $50.  more per suitcase may be charged to the guild for the extra suitcase for quilts if a lecture is booked If Esterita must ship her quilts the guild will pay for shipping.

I have read the previous information and understand/agree to its terms.

Guild/Conference Representative:  _________________________________________________________

Print name & title within organization


Representative Signature & Date:  __________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________________


Phone: (_____)________________     Email: _________________________________________________


Second Contact Person: _________________________________________________________________


Address: ______________________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________________________________


Phone: (_____)________________     Email: _________________________________________________



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